Once a year, the regional bishop visits St John’s to administer the sacrament of Confirmation. It is in this rite that young adults and older people seal the Christian commitment made on their behalf in their baptism as infants. To prepare for this service, St John's conducts sessions involving a series of discussions with the clergy, covering some basic teaching about the Bible, the sacraments, and ethical issues. It is also an opportunity for people to offer their gifts for ministry in the church. People who have been raised in other Christian denominations and wish to be admitted to full communion in the Anglican Church are also admitted at this time, and may wish to attend the sessions beforehand.


Participation in Holy Communion is participation in the life of the Church. It is a sign of discipleship and membership of the Christian community. Participation in Holy Communion gives proper dignity to baptism. Any, both adults and children, who are baptised but not presently a regular communicant in another Church, are invited to be admitted at St John’s.

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