social action and support

St John's has a number of groups involved in social action and advocacy including:

friends of St John's community support group 

Actvely involved in a range of outreach ministry activities supported by our group of willing and enthusiastic volunteers.

We continue to visit and minister to the residents in various aged care homes in and around Camberwell where the residents very much appreciate the regular visits by our volunteers.

We also help out with other events such as the Celebration of Life events for aged care residents and community support groups throughout Melbourne.


asylum seeker and refugee support group

The members of this group see its role as advocacy, that is seeking to change public opinion among fellow parishioners, politicians and the general public by provision of accurate information and reasoned argument.

While they accept that Australia has a right to control the flow of immigrants, they are appalled at the suffering inflicted on refugees and asylum seekers in order to deter further arrivals.

The Group works on practical projects and maintains contact with state and federal politicians. Information about the Group and contact details can be obtained from the parish office.


amnesty letter writing group

Founded by Bp Gerald Beaumont in late 2006, the members of this group write letters on behalf of individuals and groups, suffering human rights abuses in many parts of the world.

We receive urgent actions from the liason officer of the Melbourne Religious Network of Amnesty International Australia. The number of requests received varies, depending on the circumstances of the volunteer staff memberwho processes them..

We are assured by Amnesty that actual letters, as opposed to faxes and email,continue to be the most effective way of influencing governments, which just encourages us to keep writing.


anglicare partnership group

(formerly known as the anglicare auxiliary)

Coming Up

we gather on the last Monday of each month

all speakers commence at 2.15pm unless otherwise advertised in Contact the Parish weekly pewsheet

24th April 2017

'An Anzac Eve' reflection on the Vietnam War with Graeme Pratt

29th May 2017

Shannon Harris from Anglicare Victoria presents and explains a new tract foster care program T.F.C.O.

26th June 2017

'Ageing well, ageing wisely by keeping control' with Diane Scereni

24th July 2017

Christmas card packing for Anglicare at 10.00am

28th August 2017

Antique Valuations with David Freeman

25th September 2017


30th October 2017

Dr Geoff Bird and his wife Beres talk about his biannual visits to Gaza to perform surgery

27th November 2017

Final 'Thank You'

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