Introducing the Clergy at St John’s


The Reverend John Baldock was inducted Incumbent of  St John's Camberwell by Bishop Genieve Blackwell on Tuesday 21st August 2018.

Father Baldock comes to St John's Camberwell after 12 years as vicar of St John's and St Agnes' Anglican Parish East Malvern. He is an active member of General Synod, The Diocesan Synod, the Diocesan Council and the Diocese's Finance Committee.

He was ordained priest in Melbourne in 1985, having been trained for the priesthood at St Barnabus' College, Adelaide, and St John's College Morpeth. John has worked in various parishes across Melbourne prior to coming to us as vicar, including Cheltenham, West footscray, Collingwood and Flemington.This will be the fifth time he has been in charge of a parish.

He is a Bachelor of Arts from Newcastle University and a Master of Public Policy from Deakin University. At St John's East Malvern, Father Baldock was also Chaplain of the Caulfield Campus of Monash University, part of the community engagement and strong sense of mission and identity he has developed in the parish.

John has also spent 20 years in senior management positions within national and international non-government organisations, both religious and secular. He has a long involvement in interreligious relations, conflict resolution, and development in many parts of the world. He is a former Associate Secretary-General, of the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP) in New York, having established a similar organisation in Australia, between 1989-1996.

John also worked for various international agencies on issues related to religion, conflict and development, with a particular focus on Islam. John was a founding member of UNESCO's Interreligious Advisory Committee, and in 2000 worked as a Senior Advisor to President H.E. Abdurrahman Wahid on the establishment of a national Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Indonesia.

He has represented the Anglican Church in recent Federal Government initiatives aimed at promoting closer relations between faiths in the Asia Pacific region. 

Some of the highlights of his time in his previous parish have included-

  • The initiation of the 'Faith in our Future' appeal for Trinity College Theological School, Melbourne University, raising more than $500, 000 for theological education in the past two years

  • The 'Globe Cafe' - a weekly outreach program to international students now in its eleventh year

  • Initiated 'St Jack's', a free weekly lunch program for the vulnerable and homeless and

  • Developed a successful concert program at St John's East Malvern

John is married to Carolyn Simm, and they have three children.


Hon. Associate Priests

The Revd Helen Creed

Helen is currently Chaplain to Camberwell Girls' Grammar School, a role she began in 2004. She was originally trained as an English teacher.

Helen was ordained a deacon in February 2002 and a Priest later that year. She is married to Roger, a teacher at Caulfield Grammar. 1977.

introducing the lay staff



Mr David Byrne

David Byrne is a graduate in Arts and Music from The University of Melbourne. He studied organ with Sergio de Pieri and Douglas Lawrence and was appointed to his first church music post at the age of 16. He has been Organist and Choirmaster in several churches around Melbourne, most recently at St Paul's, Canterbury where he served for 13 years, building a cross-generational choir which earned a reputation for fine singing enriching parish worship and ministry.

For nine years, David was Director of Music and Chapel Organist at St Peter's College, Adelaide and prior to that he spent 13 years as Director of Music at Grimwade House, Melbourne Grammar School.

In 1996 David returned to Melbourne to take up his current post as Assistant Director of Music at Camberwell Grammar School.

David's expertise in education, organ and choral music has been enriched by periods of study in Europe and the UK, including post-graduate studies in education at York University and observing cathedral choirs and playing many grand organs such as Winchester and Salisbury cathedrals, King's College, Cambridge, the Frari Church in Venice and in the Dusseldorf prison!

David's wife Penelope is Coordinator of Music at Strathcona and their daughter Sally is a cellist currently studying Nursing.

introducing the lay leaders


Lay men and women elected or appointed annually to conduct the management of the parish and church business:


Andrew Porter, Jeanette Jasper (Vicar's Warden), Hans Ferdinand 

Parish Council

Genevieve Bogtstra, Peter Forwood, Ferry Hasiholan, Ross Lee, Graham Pratt, and Geoff Vincent. 

Parish Incumbency Committee

Ross Smith, Georgina Porter

Parish Synod Representatives

Elected in response to the Archbishop’s Mandate:

Georgina Porter, Julian Rait and Campbell Paine (alternate)


Verona Lea

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